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  • Name: DP11M06 -- (DP11 Seris) Single Acting




-   Driving single acting hydraulic cylinder extending or retracting.
- Choose the appropriate power and pump size according to the load of your
application. Please refer to Page A-01 or consult us.
-Options for controlling the Return Flow (down speed) by flow control valve (2):
   1.  Non-adjustable.
   2.  Non-adjustable, with pressure compensate .
   3.  Adjustable.
-  Three options for 2-way valve(1), more details
   refer to page  DD.
   1.  Manual Valve.
   2.  Solenoid Valve.
   3.  Solenoid Valve with Manual Override
- Duty cycle is generally S2-1 minute, S3 - 15%.
   It may be varies with loads , please consult us.
- Port P and T, standard options:
   1. G1/4 (BSPP 1/4")
   2. SAE#6(9/16-18UNF),
   3. M14 X1.5
   To custom-built other port size, please consult us.










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